To reassign keys on the 33s


1. I read that someone has done this, swapping the R/S key with the ENTER key...
2. How do you program this?
3. Does one have to launch the program each time you turn on the machine?

Any other directions to 33s tips would be great! (I have searched, but with little fruit)



Eric --

Sorry, but there's no way to reassign keys on the 33S. The venerable 41C offered a near-completely reassignable keyboard, and the also-discontinued 42S allowed up to 18 functions or programs to be assigned to slots on user menus.

There are PDF "Learning Modules" on HP's website that might offer the tips you could use. I rarely use my 33S, but dorely on the 33S User's Manual and my familiarity with the 32SII.

-- KS



Someone recently did indeed suggest how to "reassign" the <Enter> function to the 33s <R/S> key. I haven't been able to find the original post either. (Maybe that person will chime in?)

In fact, it's not a reassignment of <Enter>, as such, but more a way to give the <R/S> key a "default Enter function". It actually works quite nicely.

The original suggestion was something like:

   A0001  LBL A
A0003 STOP
A0004 GTO A
With the above program, if you initialize with "XEQ A" the first time you want to <Enter>, then henceforth you may simply press <R/S> to effect an Enter. This works surprisingly well, but not while programming, and perhaps not after XEQing another program.

To prevent the last limitation, make sure A is the first program in memory (just below PRGM TOP) because that is the point to which program-ending RTNs return.

I think a cooler approach is:

00001 ENTER
00002 RTN

(This has the advantage that it doesn't tie up a program name.) Final RTNs always return to PRGM TOP, whether from this little program, or upon RTN-termination of any other. To initialize this pseudo-Enter, just do a RTN whenever you turn on the calculator.

But, in fact, there is no genuine key reassignment on the 33s, and this is just a workaround.


Thanks Paul for refreshing this task. You made a nice improvement to the program! As another note, if you leave out the ENTER function step then it acts a bit more like an HP48 by not raising the stack, but it loses the ability to fill the stack as a normal ENTER key would.


This small program works fine on my HP33s (thanks to a post of Dave, see Archive 14 - 'HP 32s & 48gx' posted he 8th of JAN 05 almost last reply 'Re: not so trivial to implement?' posted the 17th of JAN 05).

I'm happy I can use the machine utilizing the better placed R/S keys as the enter key in quick calculations :

HP 33s (enter key assignment to R/S key)

Go into PRGM Mode (Left Green PRGM)
LBL A - (Left Green LBL A)
You can use any label A-Z
GTO A (Left Green GTO)
Exit Prgm mode (Left Green PRGM)

Now any time you want to use the R/S key as the ENTER function just press XEQ A.

You need the XEQ A to assure your R/S as an enter does not start in some undefined program you have loaded.

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