HP32sii doesn't lie flat.



I'm the proud new owner of a slightly-used HP32sii. I love the calculator, but the case is slightly bent or twisted, causing it to wobble slightly when operated when being operated on the desktop. Minor problem, I realize, but it's kind-of annoying because it makes it tougher to quickly press keys because the calc is moving and making noise on the tabletop.

So, it seems to me I need to shim on of the rubber feet to make it lie flat. Anyone got any ingenious solutions other than chewing gum? ;)




My HP48gII has the same problem. The case is warped enough to wobble with every key stroke. A easy fix is to get a long rectangular stick on rubber foot (find at hardware store). Stick it on the back near the display end to it tilts more upright. This may interfere with a slide on cover it the 32sii has one.


Hi Steve,

In my experience, this is a common problem with hp calculators. My original hp-32s did not lie flat--still doesn't!:) My hp-32sii *does* lie flat, however. An old hp-11 (bought on ebay about a year and a half ago) also has this little flaw, whereas a second one does lie flat. It seems a little funny that high quality products like this should have this problem, but they do, and I just got used to it.



I've sanded the feet even on a few of mine by sliding the calc across a sheet of sandpaper lying flat on a table. just make sure there's enough foot there to do it.


Re: 11C

My 15C developed the annoying problem of not lying flat, and twisting ("straighening") the case did not solve the problem. Wwondering if some of the four screws underneath the rubber feet had come loose, I disassembled the case halves, re-twisted them flat, then reassembled. Voila!

This might work for your 11C. (Be sure not to lose the small spring that provides chassis grounding.) If you want new rubber feet, I think someone sells them on the MoHPC Classifieds.

Re: 32SII

All Pioneers have a wide rubber foot near the upper end, and four short rubber feet at the lower end. The calc's should lie flat, but they're not as readily disassemblable as the Voyagers (e.g., 11C) are.

-- KS


I had a similar problem with an HP11C I brought to upgrade my old HP10C recently - I just twisted the case very, very gently to solve the problem ... didn't need to disassemble it (and personally I wouldn't recommend disassembly unless you are comfortable with that sort of thing and have an anti-static mat and wrist strap as the chips in the HP calculators seem to be very susceptible to ESD - as I learnt that the hard way about 15 years ago).

Occasionally I find that a gentle twist is needed to get my older 34C and 32 (Spice) machines to work - but that is (I think) because both of them have the foam sandwich style PCB, and a slight twist has usually fixed any problems caused by poor contacts internally. I found that I can I avoid this sort of problem occurring with these machines by ensuring that I always use them on a horizontal, flat, hard surface - not in my hand or even on a mouse mat. This minimises any movement when using them which seems to help - but it does mean that they don't travel around in my briefcase anymore.



I have owned (or still do) more than 50 HP calcs
AND I have never heard of twisted cases



I use a quality Scotch tape (several layres) on the foot that is not making contact. I then use a very sharp knife to cut the tape to fit the foot exactly.

Hope this helps!

Good Luck
GS Leong



I've also got quite a few pioneer calcs that are not flat, as well as some that "creak" when you press some keys or pinch the 2 case halves together, usually on the left side near the display. If you look on the side, you can see that when you press together, the 2 case halves can move ~ 1 mm. All these creaky calcs work fine, but I've always wondered if this means the keyboards could malfunction sooner than in a pioneer that doesn't creak ie. one with the 2 case halves firmly fixed together.


A common problem; my 41CV and 12C did so, and I managed to solve it by placing one or two layers of double-sided adhesive tape between the calculator's case and the rubber feet. It works nice.


Hi everybody,
I have 9 calculators (2 voyagers and 7 pioneers)and the only one that doesn´t lie flat is a 32SII that I bought new in box a year ago and its serial number is 3450S95580.At first I put 2 rubber feet next to the original one (next to the battery compartment) and removed these feet because the calculator used to slide.The problem is the same already pointed here that is a "curved" , warp , not flat case.
I remember now that I used to have a 20S that had the same problem but less curved case.Both of them make a creak when pressing some keys.Both of them made in Singapore that shows the same design as the Brazilian ones but the Brazilian ones don´t have this problem.What i did to solve...as I didn´t intend to sell the 32SII I took a sharp spare blade (like a tiny knife) and ... sorry people of doing so on a marvelous calc (even if it is mine not yours rsss)....CUT....the feet at its middle region....now it lies flat very well ...



Thanks everyone!

I thought maybe there were others out there that faced the same problem.

For now, I've put several layers of Scotch tape on one of the feet and trimmed it off with a knife so it doesn't look too terribly bad. Maybe i'll try a more permanent solution in the future, but i'm not sure I'm ready to take a sheet of sandpaper to my precious 'classic' calculator! ;)

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