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i have an hp27s calculator bought in 1987. it doesn`t work anymore and i`m looking to a similar one. i tried the hp48gx but i wasn`t able to create, save and execute any single program i normaly do on my old 27s. i saw the hp38g on the hp web site but i don`t find any dealer near who have this model in stock... i would like to try it before buying it. i only nead a calculator i can put formulas and easily resolve them... like the hp27s. i`m located in the montreal area and would like to have any information or suggestion.



The two closest calcs in functonality are the Hp17b and the Hp 19 b. The 17 and 19 both have the same solver, the 17 is in the same case and the 19 is a bi-fold but also has trig functions. If you don't need trig functions I would suggest the 17 since it is more durable and still a pocket calc. There is no true substitute for the 27 but these are as close as you can find easily on the market.

Otherwise you will have to shop e-bay or someone on this site who has one to spare (not easy, since anyone who ever owned a 27s doesn't really want anything else)

Good luck



The HP-19BII is probably the most similar calculator to the HP-27S that is available from HP today. IThe 19BII does almost everything the 27S does, except base conversions (HEX, DEC, BIN, etc.). It has the same solver as the 27S, and I believe the same amount of memory. The 19BII is a folding "clamshell" design, so it is bigger physically. However, inputting alphabetic characters is much easier due to a dedicated second keyboard. It also has a 4-line display, rather than the 2-line in the 27S. The 19BII can also switch between RPN and Algebraic input! Check it out!

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To my opinion, the HP 19BII is one of the best multi purpose calculator HP has ever made.

I often use the solver in financial applications, but it is also very powerful to use real maths equations.

It's not programmable but the solver is really a litte jewel and so convenient to use.


I had the same problem. My 27 S has been stolen. It's been running me crazy. There is no way to buy an used 27 S – nobody would sell it…guess why.

I have tried 38 G, 48 G and 49 G. None of them will replace 27 S. 38 G is more a “school” type of calculator with lot of interesting mathematical functions and plotting capabilities, but heavy restrictions, such as one character variable names, no thousand separators, you can not assign names to equations and much more. 48 and 49 are by far too complicated for normal daily life and too large in size (both very powerful, 48 is nicely crafted in the old HP style, 49 more a game boy type, but working fine.).

I was advised in this forum to look into 19II b. A very good advice indeed. You get pretty close to 27 S. It has even some more functions than 27 S. Among others currency conversions, unit conversions and some plotting functions. I found two limitations so far – 1.the algebraic precedence seems not be so strict – you will need more brackets to be safe. 2. in the 2 variables statistics/regression you only are asked to select the X-variable. The Y- variable is the one that presently resides in the memory. Not a real problem, but somewhat confusing.

Should you buy one, make sure that it opens well. Some of the later models have a tendency to be really hard to open.

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