Hp-33S clear stack


Is there a key to clear the stack instead of entering "0" 4 time?

I cannot find it in the manual.

Thanks !


Nope, no Clear Stack.

Reason for this is that there was no such function on the HP32SII and the HP33S is an almost exact duplicate of the HP32SII, with only a few things added.

So, if it wasn't on the HP32SII, it probably isn't on the HP33S. :-)

Don't forget the learning modules on HP's site for the HP33S that are also a source of a lot of information:




There is no key for this function, but it is trivial to program it.

My 33S is programmed for "Clear Stack" by hitting XEQ N:







It is also programmed for "Clear Stack, All Variables, and Statistics Registers" by hitting XEQ P:






The only problem is that such programs use up the scarce labels on the 33S. If you plan to store a lot of other programs in your 33S, then you may not want to waste labels on simple programs like these.

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