New page on my website


I added a new gallery page on my website. Please feel free to have a look at Basels «most wonderful three days»




How far are you from Geneva by train?



The train takes 2,5 houres....
Please visit:



THanks Matthias. I know the website. Swiss trains are very very punctual.




The last picture of the second day - the bridge - is quite impressive! Looks georgeous.

One thing though, which one of those people is you?


I´m always the person behind the Nikon.... Maybe you can see me (I don´t)



I took several of these pictures... if you are interested I can send them to you.



Hi Matthias,

I remember the summer of 1963 that I spent in Lausanne. I think in August there was a celebration where people walked at night in the streets with candles lit. Was it the feast of the Holy Cross or some Swiss celebration? It was too long ago for me to remember. I went with a Swiss neighbor (my family and I had rented an apartment for the summer that year).



August 1st is national holiday


Ah!!!!! Thank you Matthias!!

Last May I visited that building we stayed in 1963 (Pascal Gervais was kind enough to drive me there). It looked just like it was in 1963!! It like stepping back in time. I took many pictures. I told Pascal it was like being in a dream about the past.


yeah, the bridge is super cool, I'd love one of those!




Hi Matthias!

Did you see "Alti Stainlemer" with their 'lamp'. When I saw it my first thought was: Basle has a tradition of humanists! (I hope your Allschwil meeting of HP enthusiasts will make history too.)

For those interested in this OT subject: the carnival organisation "Alti Stainlemer" are known to show topics not too political correct, but it's carnival! This year they pulled with heavy chains a huge, sad looking head of the Statue Of Liberty. Those who pulled had been dressed in bright orange with black bags over the head, escorted by others in field uniforms. Motto: "we are so free".


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