82180A Ext Func/Mem ver. 1A?


Hi all,

I've recently come across an 82180A module that shows "-EXT FCN 1A" in CAT 2.

The functions list is identical to my other "X FUNCTIONS" (ver 1C), and it also shows 124 registers of Extended Memory.

I've checked the most well known lists for HP-41 modules and have found references to the 1B and 1C versions only...

Was the 1A version ever released? Or was it only an HP internal preliminary revision?

Any clue?



Hi Diego,

This may be an early version of the X-function ROM. I'm sure that it will be of great interest for collector. Could you please make the ROM image available for the emulator fans, like me?

In the same way, there were a Time B and a HP-IL Printer 2D modules (as found in some litterature). Common versions are Time C and Printer 2E. I also had a early HP-IL Printer 2C, but I traded it with a "famous european collector"...



Hi Jean,

Please mail me back and I'll gladly send you the corresponding .ROM file.

Best regards.


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