49G+ suddendly died. what to do?


I need help. My 49G+ suddenly died without any apparent reason. It just won't turn on again. I tried to replace both main batteries and backup memories, but it was of no help. What shall I do? It worked fine since I bought it, about 6 months ago. Thank you.

(Case has me needing it for the university on Wednesday :))

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Perhaps the battery contacts are messed up? Some people have reported the battteries not making contact.

If this doesn't fix it, looks like customer support will have another calculator to ship out.



HP calculators, as you've now sadly discovered, have serious lack of quality issues. I went through 3 HP49+s with defective keyboards. As they say, the third times the charm, and I'll never buy/use an HP calc again.

Do yourself a favor - just throw the 49+ away, go to the nearest Walmart, Target... and buy a TI89. You'll get a good machine that is very good in function, fit, and finish.


Hello again, I'm posting to say that I've managed to solve the problem, in case anyone will experience this, too, in the future. I just followed an advice given in this forum but for a different problem: take off the batteries for some hours, then insert them and cross your fingers :)

As for the TI89, I think HP is ok AS LONG AS it works ;)


Buy an HP-33S if you want a new calculator. Otherwise, keep your old HP. Go away, TI-people, you're stinking up the place (albeit, so is the HP company for the last several years).


Go away, TI-people - ever hear of free speech? Odds are I was using HP calcs before you were born...

Buy a 33 to replace a 49? What a joke. Idiots like you probably like the V shape of the keys. And what if the original poster wanted a machine with a CAS?

Your own choice of name says all about you: FUBAR


has limits. Ever tried yelling "fire" in a theatre?

There is no sense coming to an HP museum site in order to "insult" those who post there.

I'm glad you have finally decided your true colors as a TI man.

Perhaps you should seek www.TImuseum.org if there is such a place. :-)


Your own choice of name says all about you: FUBAR

Yeah, go away all of you who don't have a nice american name! Long live american cowboys!


Free speech? You mean I can't voice my opinion, or tell someone to "shut up" (in so many words)? Isn't that infringement of my own free speech rights as an American? Boy, you TI users sure make things confusing...

Next thing you know, HP will be putting ALG keys on their calculators so... Oh, they did that already...


I own TWO TI-200 and one TI89 Titanium. My son owns a TI-89 Titanium and keeps it in his back pack. Both machines work very well. I like the TI-200's icons. The do math like champs!!


I'm sorry to hear that. Check the battery compartments, try a warm and a cold reset (I think one way of doing it is ON+F5+F6 but I'm not 100% sure). Try adjusting the contrast ON+plus or minus. Maybe the contrast is too out of whack.

I hope this helps.


thank you very much for your help :) Fortunately, as I wrote some posts ago in this thread, I took off the batteries for a while and then when I reinserted them, it worked. Anyway, could you please explain what "cold reset" and "warm reset" stand for?



a 'cold reset' (-> Coldstart) performs a complete reset of the machine RAM.

Keys: ON+A+F

A 'soft reset' (-> Warmstart) only clears the current running state.

Keys: ON+C

Be sure to check the manual about this.


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