For Gene - RE TI BA II+ Professional



Thank you for the $5 rebate coupon. I got last week, and the keys are harder than my first 49g+! The keys are just stiff. I like the display and its functionality though. Good alternative to the 17BII+ (for those who don't want a solver or need more out of the box)


Glad you got it.

I'm also glad TI has come out with a model that does NOT have mushy-keys. Perhaps they are learning something.

Keep in mind, guys, that competition is a GOOD thing for us all.



TI has re-worked the display as well as the colors of the keys on the BA II+ making it more appealing. I don't know if they have worked on the mushy keys. Also, the BA II+ performs the contrived test of asin(acos(atan(tan(cos(sin(x) better than most scientific calculators.

For a peek at the new look go to:



Not bad for a finance calculator, being accurate for 11 digits.

I have always liked the BAII+. This is the first TI I have with hard keys (though I never really had any problems with their keyboards). I like the display, it is clear. It will serve as a good comapnion to my 49g+. (now I wish HP would straighten up about those keyboards so they don't have angry customers!)

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