Printer Paper Types Blue vs Black


I have an HP-97 that uses blue paper (I guess).

I also have an IR printer 82240A that uses paper 82175A (black paper).

I was just looking at the box and it has an 'X' through an HP-91, HP-92 and HP-97, indicating that it is not for that printer.

I'm wondering why not. I did try the paper and it seems to work fine. In fact, the print comes out much better (although in black).

Is there some real good reason (like it can damage) not to use the black print paper in the 97?


There was a HP keynotes article about this. At the time, they said not to use the black type with the HP-97. I think they later said it was ok. I think the issue is the texture of the paper. If the paper is rough, it will wear the print head faster. I use paper made by NCR with very good results. Maybe somebody out there has a more definitive answer.


My understanding was that the original blue paper (HP82045A) used in the Topcats and the HP82143 and HP82162 printers was replaced by black paper sold as HP82175A after the Topcat line was discontinued. The black paper was specified for use in the 82143 and 82162 printers and NOT the Topcats. I believe that same paper is now sold as HP82175B and IS specified for use with the Topcats. The paper is probably the same stuff.

As Erik W. points out, I have also heard about the texture issue on the HP paper. To be on the safe side, I try to use HP paper in my Topcats and printers, and not some other brand.


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