41CV doesn´t turn on


First of all, I want to give my thanks to Tony Duell for his explanation of how to put an HP82106A module inside an HP41CV that shows only 255 registers instead 319 and very specially to Diego Diaz, for supplying me a bare (without enclosure) 82106A module, now my 41CV shows 319 registers!
I have the following problem (before I made the upgrade):

When I put batteries on my 41CV, the calculator does turn on, works correctly, and I can turn of correctly, and can turn on again correctly. The problem is that if I leave the calculator powered off (with batteries) for about 5 minutes or more time, it doesn´t turn on again! I have to remove and put again the batteries. It is not a problem of bad connection between the battery contacts and the keyboard or the keyboard with the CPU board (via zebra connector), I have checked this. It seems to me that it is a bad capacitor that doesn´t keep enough charge or a diode. Any suggestions? The calculator is an HP41 Fullnut early version, with the CPU board being initial HP41CV, not HP41C/CV common board or HP41C/CV/CX common board.

Another question, can a HP41 Fullnut display that shows one or more permanently off segments be repaired?



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