HP-21 and HP-25 now working in Nonpareil simulator


I've now got the HP-21 and HP-25 working correctly in my Nonpareil simulator. Previously I didn't have an HP-21 ROM image, and I had typed in the HP-25 code from a paper listing. The HP-25 exponential and logarithmic functions weren't working, and it turns out that this was because the paper listing didn't match either released version of the HP-25 ROMs. It appears that it was an interim development version somewhere between the two released revisions.

It also turns out that the "clear registers" instruction does not clear the F register. The HP-21 stores the display format in the F register, and pressing "g CLR" on the keyboard was setting it to display zero decimal positions.

Anyhow, I've got some more work to do before the next release, but I'll try to get it out soon. I've partially reworked the communication between the GUI and simulator threads, and need to finish that up. There's a report that Nonpareil doesn't do display updates correctly on Suse Linux 9.2, and this might fix it.

I've got some new ideas on in-circuit ROM dumping for Woodstock generation calculators, and if they work out I should have dumps of more models soon. If we're lucky, the HP-27 and HP-29C ROMs should "just work". But it is of course possible that latent simulator bugs will keep them from working correctly, as is currently the case with the HP-34C, HP-38E, and HP-38C.

Edited: 12 Feb 2005, 4:12 a.m.

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