RAMBOX and HEPAX manuals


I am looking for a pdf manual for these items in English. Can anyone help me?


I am not aware of any site that has the mentioned documents in PDF form, however I believe both manuals are available on 'TOS' but in PaperPort (.MAX) format. The PaperPort viewer is available for free download at http://support.scansoft.com/downloads/default.asp, I know it has print capabilities. Adobe Acrobat claims to have the ability to convert to PDF from any application that can print. I therefore believe you could create your own PDF files from the .MAX files that are available on 'TOS'... That is provided you have Adobe Acrobat or at least have access to Adobe Acrobat. I hope this helps a bit!!

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What is "TOS"?


TOS is short for "That Other Site". I can't mention its name or the URL on this forum but a quick search of the archives will likely provide enough hints for you to figure it out. I would have sent you an eMail but you neglected to provide your address. Send me an eMail message if that works better for you. I'll be happy to help by responding back.


You have mail (if I have corrected you mail adress correctly).



Please re-send it did not arrive. Just remove "NOSPAM" only from the e-mail address.


Hi Jeff,

I resend the mail to you


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