IL and Printer service module



I am looking for the HP-IL and the printer service module rom IMAGES for the 41 series.
Do you have any idea were I can find these in a format I can use in the Clonix module ?

Thank you



The service manuals for the HPIL tape drive, video, RS232, GPIO and HPIB interfaces (and maybe the thermal printer, but I don't have that one) contain type-in programs for the HP41.

They need a special module which turns out to be nothing more than the HPIL 'monitor' ROM, which, of course, is basically a DevIL module with some of the command names changed. These programs will run on a 41 with the DevIL ROM (I have done so) if you make the obvious changes.

I have those programs on disk, maybe I should upload them somewhere. Be warned you need the service manuals to make sense of them in some cases (the GPIO one uses _2_ GPIO interfaces liked by a special cable, the wirelist for which is not in the manual, the RS232 one needs a lookback connector, the HPIB one needs 2 HPIB interfaces, one of them with somewhat odd switch settings).

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