Hello there!

I used to keep my machines clean with Snap, that cleaning fluid EduCalc used to sell. I bought a rather large supply shortly before EduCalc became history, and I'm running short of it.

Does anybody know of where to get it, or a replacement? I want to know.

Thanks a lot.


Yeah, I'm just about out of my bottle of Snap too. It's a great glass/clear plastic cleaner! The company's name, city, and state are in small print on the bottom of the Snap label; I just keep forgeting to do a web search on the company (the bottle's not in front of me now, or I'd do it... now).



Is this the right stuff?

Ion Abraham
Albuquerque, New Mexico


I have ordered Snap directly from the manufacturer a couple of times. I don't have their fax number with me now but I can get it if you guys still need it. The company that makes the stuff is very happy to sell small quantities to the public. They will even send you the product prior to your payment!! Please email me if you need the fax and address number.


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