Cleaning HP-15C aluminum bezel - how to?



I got my original 15C back after 18 years (SN 2343B75099). It is in excellent shape for its ager, my brother has taken very good care of it all these years. However there are some small stains on the aluminum bezel, apparently caused by a glueish material released by the vynil case, which is very parched. I've replaced the case with a 12C one. The back lable is quite unreadable, but this should improve after cleaning, I think.
I thought of using cotton swab soaked in kerosone to remove the greasy stains. Is this safe or should I use some milder chemical instead? And how could I clean the back lable without removing the black paint?

Thank you very much,


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I have used white gas (camping fuel or cigarette lighter fluid) on these machines. Works very well for adhesive residue, etc. Does not affect the plastic case or display window. Best to keep it off the keyboard area as it can leave "water" marks. I would also recommend trying it in a small inconspicuous area first... your gas may not be the same as my gas.


I was told there's a protective lacquer layer on the aluminum plate that should not be removed. I'll try (carefully) cigarette lighter fluid.
Thanks a lot.


Lighter fluid is not white gas - beware.

Very early Voyagers had a lacquer coating on the aluminum that was easily damaged with any solvent. Later coatings were much better and should be okay with non-aggressive solvents.

There is also an anti-reflective coating on the clear plastic LCD window which tends to flake off once scratched.

Overall, I would be *very* careful with any petroleum based solvents on calculators. Isopropyl alcohol works well for most goo and gunk removal and should be relatively safe.

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Thanks for your advice. I won't try anything for the while.



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