The Devil you Know vs the Devil you Don't


I was always a critic of Carly and hate, HATE to say any kind words about her.

Unfortunately, she isn't Hp's only problem. And she had noble ideas. She was pretty good at company politic's and corperate manuvering. For us, she released some new calculators recently and did not abandon the Calculator market (she scared us though).

However, LOOK who is now in charge. A bean counter and a loyal sidekick. Look at their backgrounds. No, I suspect that these two just might shame Carly in Dilbert pointy haired department. Tech wizards didn't run Carly out of town, but a small Coup of even more dispicable clowns are now at the top.

Robert Wayman is the bean counter.
Debra Dunn is 2nd banana.

It doesn't smell like roses to me.

If someone wants to defend these two and know something I don't, by all means post and correct my blather.


I won't defend the new selection of CEO, but I will say that reading on the 'net about her resignation, I read that there was "dancing in the aisles" upon word of her leaving (and her 21 million dollar severance).

You know, it just occurred to me; under Carly, HP lost $7B and she got a $21M severance. If they had hired me, I could have lost HP only $2B, and I would have taken $10M for severance. Thus by hiring me HP would be in a stronger fiscal position, and I would not have disembowelled the scientific equipment side.

Personally, I think Carly got too far away from the science, and too deeply involved in the consumer/mass distribution market. This never has been HP's forte, and unfortunately Carly was not a deep enough thinker to try to understand where HP's traditional strengths lay. I won't even go into the merger of Compaq and the mis-handling of the DEC line. Her management direction did appear to be an extrapolation of previous HP management decisions - by way of example, she never decided if she was a DELL or not. You can't be a fence sitter in today's marketplace. Either in or out.

How much worse can HP get? I submit (IMHO) that HP is at the bottom. (*sigh*) Maybe I'll go watch "The Right Stuff" again.

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