non-programmable RPN


I am looking for a non-programmable RPN calculator for use in college exams that exclude programmable calculators. Can anyone tell me what model numbers I should look at? I might also consider a calculator that doesn't look programmable. Thanks for your help! -Matt



HP35, 45, 21, 27, 31E, 32E for scientific models, these may be hard to track down if you want one right now. I would have at least 1 spare battery pack as these are LED types and may not last a long exam. Beleive me - not having a calculator in an exam is no joke. I doubt if the exam board will let you have a mains hook up just for your calculator.

I'd take in an LCD type calc. as a backup (HP30S?).

Tom (UK)


Just sold one to Guy Ball (he got it cheaper than I paid for it!) an Omron SR-12, which operates on disposables (hey I have not shipped it yet, Guy ;+}. RPN, not programmable. Seems like I have 2 more non HP, non programmables, NEC can't recall the model and APF Mark 55 I think plus a bunch of HP's like try the HP 21 which will run on disposables or new composition cells as well.


Get an HP32SII. It is programmable but I am quite sure that your teacher will let you use in in the test. The reason: It doesn't look programmable because it doesn't have a large screen that can display graphic. (I believe many people believe that a programmable calculator must be graphic). I also believe that most teachers are not familiar with the RPN type of calculators.
But, I may be wrong

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