correlation programs for HP 49


I have quite a lot of correlation programs ( curve fitting) for the HP 67 and HP 41 and i wonder if there is anything similar for the HP 49 because i do not like the idea of rewriting everything for the HP 49.


They are already built in. If you have some exotic curve fitting method, you can probably find that or download it from Only very rarely would you ever have to program this calculator. When and if you do, it is actually easier to customize and use than an Hp67 or the Hp41 for most straight forward problems.


Hi, Luigi;

if you have the chance to take a look at the HP48G User's Guide (not the HP49G, the HP48G itself), look for Part 4, Section 21, page 21-10 under To perform a regression for two variables in the current data. and you'll see that there is already a [Best Fit] approach where the model with the correlation coefficient closer to 1 is set according to data stored.

If you are lucky enough having the HP48G Advanced User's Reference Manual (AUR), try page 3-65 under [CORR], the command that returns the CORRelation coefficient for a given data set.

Hope this helps.


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 2 Feb 2005, 10:13 p.m.

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