Non-operating extended memory in my HP41CX


I hope someone could help me on this problem. I have an HP41CX that somehow I could not create any file in the extended memory. Every time I attempted to create a file, the message "NAME ERR" is displayed. When I execute EMDIR, it displays "FL NOT FOUND". But when I execute EMROOM, it displays 124.00, which is the number of registers in the extended memory. Also, when I access Catalog 4, it also displays "FL NOT FOUND". I also noticed that everytime I tried to compute the number of days between dates using DDAYS, it always displays "OUT OF RANGE". Any assistance on this problems would be greatly appreciated.


Bart --

I don't consider myself a 41CX "guru", but I do use one recreationally.

EMDIR -> "FL NOT FOUND" and EMROOM -> 124 are certainly consistent with no files stored in Extended Memory.

What command(s) are you using to try to create a file? The 41CX offers the following:

  • CRFLAS (for creating an ASCII text file)
  • CRFLD (for creating a data file)
  • SAVEP (for creating and saving a program file)

Are you following all syntactical and procedural rules when creating the file?

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I was using the CRFLAS command to create a text file. In fact, I am following an example in the Owner's Manual Vol. I, page 116. And everytime I execute the CRFLAS command, the NAME ERR message appears on the display. I just purchased this calculator about a month ago from Ebay. I am working through the manuals to see if all the functions of this HP41CX work. But somehow, this Extended memory portion seems not to work. In addition, the DDAYS command seems not to work also, because everytime I try to find the number of days between dates the message OUT OF RANGE appears on the display. I hope you or someone could help me. I truly appreciate your help.


Hi, Bartolome;

I own an HP41CX and when I execute [SHIF][CAT]4 and there is no file in the extended memory, the message is DIR EMPTY instead of FL NOT FOUND. FL NOT FOUND is standard for GETAS and SAVEAS, X-Functions that use HPIL mass storage devives for retrieving and saving ASCII files. I'd suggest a Master Clear procedure: [ON][CLx] and wait for MEMORY LOST in the display. If the problem persists, another possible procedure would be using the ROM (module) with tests to find what is going on. The third option would be

About DDAYS generating OUT OF RANGE error message. The weirdest of all is that OUT OF RANGE applies only to T+X and DATE+ when resulting values are actually out of range. If you set either DMY (execute it with [XEQ][ALPHA] DMY [ALPHA]) or MDY prior to execute any date-related operation and values are not accordingly, DATA ERROR is the related error message, not OUT OF RANGE. This I actually don't understand.

Is there any chance that your HP41CX has been hacked and it has extra functionality? The only explanation I can find (at least in a brief reasoning) for this behavior, considering that the calculator is working properly, is that there are user programs with these very names already stored in memory. In this case, RAM is searched first for any possible executable, which allows custom programs with the same name as functions to be executed first.

Anyway, none of the above explains FL NOT FOUND after CAT 4 with an empty extended memory...

Not so much of help, I now, just additional info.

Let us know what comes next; I hope you succeed fixing your HP41CX.


Luiz (Brazil)

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Karl and Luis,

Although I wasn't successful in my attempt to get my HP41CX extended memory working, I am sincerely grateful with the technical advice that you have given me. This site is awesome; knowing that there are lots of wonderful people like you doing their best to help others enjoy their HP calculators. I know I will still enjoy this great calculator without all its features working. Thanks again!


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