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Hi all,
just got this Ipaq and wondered what I could run on it apart from HP41, 16C and emu42 emulators.

Your recomendations?

Giuseppe Marullo


Emu42PPC v1.01 has been recently tested successfully on a Dell Axim X50v.

This is a 624MHz VGA PDA with Windwows Mobile 2003 SE OS. Emu42PPC v1.01 isn't supporting native VGA mode, only QVGA.
But the next version v1.02 will do. I posted this picture

of an early v1.02beta version running Emu42PPC in VGA mode using display Zoom factor 3 some days ago.




If you are into the Voyager series, try Lygea 15C, 12C (and also 10B/10BII) wonderful simulators: www.lygea.com

If you are into 48/49 series (and 38/39/40), you can try Emu48 by Christoph.

The PocketPC can emulate/simulate almost every interesting machine HP did since the HP41, with the notable exceptions of the 32SII and the 19BII.

Hope this helps.



Christoph and Vincent,
nice suggestions, only I don't have the roms (common problem I guess).

The HX4700 has a VERY nice display too (4"), today I was amazed on how well you could peek at a Terminal Server session.

About Lygea, it is a commercial product (I have to admit the price is acceptable), but how good is the simulation/emulation? I don't remember but there should be at least another commercial one (HP-15/HP-16).

Giuseppe Marullo

PS: does emu41 work under a msdos simulator inside a pocketpc? ouch...


Emu42 requires the ROMs (42S, 28S, 17B, 17BII, 27S) which are not release in the public domain by HP, unfortunately... If you are desperate for a 42 and do not own one (with the ROM), but can buy a cheap low-end Palm and try the wonderful Free42 simulator.

Emu48 requires ROMs, but those are in the public domain and easily found on the net.

Lygea's simulators are execellent. As far as I know, there are not emulators of Voyagers on any platforms - reason being that they are closed machines with no simple way to transfer the ROM. They are still a few bugs in the simulation (I just reported one), but overall, the programs quality are excellent.

Hope this helps.




> PS: does emu41 work under a msdos simulator inside a pocketpc? ouch...

I tried Emu41 under PocketDOS on my old HP360LX (PalmTop PC, not PocketPC) and it works well!!
Although a little bit slowly with a SH3@60MHz.

Do you have any reference of free MSDOS emulator running on PocketPC?



Hi J F,
no, but with this wonderful display (480x640) I will try to grab one, I would like to see what can be run.
It has a pretty 624MHz, EMU41 should run decently I hope.

Vincent, I am not that desperate about the 42. I have enough other stuff to carry around, it MUST fit a pocketpc.

I will let you know,

Giuseppe Marullo

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