ROM's for Clonix and NoVRAM


I have recently purchased one of each of these modules and would like to ask the following. I have the Zenrom, David Assembler, MFRM labels, RAMBOX, 512 words on the Clonix. I was wondering what others might put onto the NoVRAM to complement a complete MCODE package. Please let me know your thoughts.
Jeff D



my NoVRAM has the following config:

HEPAX, ExtIO, Ext-IL, CCD OS/X (of course;-),

David Assembler, Mainframe Labels ROM .

The HEPAX has the advantage that it uses only one

physical address page, and only one XROM number.

The David assembler, along with the Labels ROM,

simply has the best user interface for walking through ROM,

and writing mcode directly on the machine.

But the most important ROM (for me) is the CCD OS/X for obvious reasons;-)

It has functionality which I use everytime I use the HP-41,

like the extended CAT, and more.




I'm unfamiliar with the Mainframe Labels ROM. What is it?



Hello Lawrence,

the Labels ROM is an extension to the David Assembler,

which makes the mainframe entry points visible and callable

by name instead of addresses only


will be shown as


?NCXQ 0952

then displays as


and so on.

The combination of David Assembler and

the Mainframe Labels ROM is simply

unbeatable if you really want to program

in mcode on the HP-41 itself.

For cross-development on a PC,

I'd strongly suggest SDK41.


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