HP11C broken resonator


I opened my hold HP11C and saw that the resonator lead was broken. Which part may / could I solder to replace it ?

Many thanks
Jean Baptiste


What resonator? I thought the voyagers (certainly ones as old as the 11C) used an LC 'tank' circuit connected to 2 pins on the NUT chip. I can look up the values of the those if you like.


Yes please if you can provide the value. This is great. So if the resonator is LC what is the component on the top left side (view from back and back chassis removed), close to the electrolytic capacitor ?

Many thanks in advance for your help.


Which version of the 11C is this? Is in the type with everything on one PCB, or does it have a removable logic module -- a flexible PCB in a plastic frame fixed to the back of the display

I thought (but will have to check) that the soldered-on components in the 11C and 12C were the 2 chips (NUT and R2D2), the clock inductor, the clock capacitor, and the electrolytic capactitor across the battery connections.


In fact the 11C I have is assembled on a single PCB.You are right to say that the Electrolytic capacitor is right accros the battery gap.

Many thanks for your help to try to make it work!

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