MIRR Program for 17bii+


Is any one got a program for calculating Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR) with 17bii+?


How about this?




Thanks!! Bob! I will try it!!


Bob, I believe you once made a reference of the Black-Sholes computation for the HP 200lx. Is it possible for you to refer me to it or to send me as an e-mail.

Thanks for your help.




The shortest, most accurate implementation of Black-Scholes not using UTPN is courtesy of Tizedes Czaba's suggestion of using a Taylor series. However, it is also the SLOWEST, taking well over a minute on my 17Bs and 19Bs. I would appreciate it if you would try it on your 200lx, and time the execution. IF the speed is acceptable, I would recommend using that instead of the different polynomial methods I have posted on my shabby home page.


Bob Wang Home Page

Taylor Series Approximation:
Using L() and G()
Execution time > 1 minute
Character Count = 363



In case it's not evident, please replace "SIGMA" with the summation operator.




Oops, I guess SIGMA *IS* just SIGMA on the 200lx.



Thanks Bob, I'll keep you posted.

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