HP 65 and 67 label reproductions


I have researched the possibility of getting reproduction
metal back labels made for the HP 65 and HP 67. I have
found a printer who says that they could accurately duplicate
these labels. They have a minimum order of 1000 for $280.

Any one out there have any idea how much of a demand there might be
for these labels? I would consider having this done if I
thought I could recoup the cost of having the labels made
by selling some or all of the excess.



I'd certainly be interested in about a dozen of each.

I've also received email from Ben Ong about replacement HP calculator labels that he has already made. Has anyone here purchased some of him, how do they look?




I received some sample labels from Ben Ong and I must say that they are quite beautiful. Upon very close examination, I was able to notice only two differences:

1. The material used for the back label is thicker than the original (this is not something you'd actually see when it's attached, and indeed, it may actually make it easier to gain access to the back screws without ruining the label.)

2. One of the colors (a yellow color) was ever so slightly off from the original.

These differences are so minor, however, it certainly didn't prevent me from asking Ben for more labels :-)



Can anyone tell me how to get in touch with Ben Ong?
I would like to get some of the HP-67 labels from him.
If I get some, then I'll just need to look into getting
some HP-65 labels made. -- Peter


I recently purchased an excellent condition HP-80 on ebay, with one minor flaw the label was missing off the calculator.

A few days later I received the following note from Ben Ong in Malaysia...
"I'm writing this to you to let you know that I specialise in producing HP calc labels for the Classic and Wookstock series. If you are interested to touch up the above with a replacement label, please let me know. I've been successfully reproduce many of these labels”

I let him know that yes I would be interested, and to please supply me a label.
The label arrived a few days ago. I am very pleased with it!
It has a peel off backing, that simply sticks to the calculator.
I do not have another HP80 to compare with it with, but comparisons to other my classic series calculators make me feel that the size, colour and lettering all look to be good quality reproductions of the original.


Hi, I have a couple unused original HP-67 "made in USA" ones left. I could lend you one if it would help them make the labels. I would really be intersted in "Made in Singapore" labels though. Have you put any thought about that yet? I also would be interested in the HP-65 labels.


Please make sure that any label reproductions don't include HP, HP Logos or "Hewlett Packard". Ben Ong already knows about this but I wanted to make sure that it was widely understood.


I guess that rules out the HP-65 label unless permission is granted.


It just rules out the parts that say "Hewlett-Packard" etc.

With a little image editing, you could remove that, replace it with your own name or just recenter what's left and print the labels.

I recommend placing your own name or mark where HP's are so we don't have people asking about label variations in a few years ;-)


I Just happened to be in a Kinko's (registered trademark) today and while standing in line, I read their "copying guidelines" brochure which said:

"Names, words, logos and designs used to identify services or products such as "KINKO'S", are considered trademarks or service marks. The owner of a trademark or service mark has the exclusive right to reproduce it. Kinko's Copying Guidelines on trademarks and service marks is designed to uphold the law and requires written permission from the owner to reproduce any trademark or service mark"...


I do not have a 65/67 (yet), but have heard that removing the labels inevitably destroys the label. I'm guessing that this is just printed aluminum foil with a permanent adhesive on the back.

Has anyone tried a 'Goo-Gone' soak? A heat-gun melt? Thread or small nylon fishing line underneath, dental-tool spatulas or a combination of all the above?

Is it a matter primarily of the paint/ink, or rippling the foil?

Lots of this sort of printed foil labels are made for "security" purposes, to expose items that have been tampered with by the user... was this HP's intent?

Has anyone successfully removed a label without messing it up?


I have tried dental floss with isopropyl and managed to
get the label off intact. It always ends up a bit warped
and bubbled though and I am not sure how to get it perfectly
flat again.


Someone (Steve Loboyko?) told me that he had achieved perfection multiple times by using a heat gun and patience.

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