HP-41 vs "The First Handheld" - Just for fun


Don't be offended if the Sharp EL-8 is not really the first handheld. I have seen it referred to as such but don't know for sure.

I recently obtained one and thought the comparrison between the HP-41 and the Sharp EL-8 was interesting.

I took a few photos for those who would like to take a look.


Sorry for being a bit off-topic


So What? It allows us calc geeks to remember our other calcs. I own a casic Fx-10, perhaps casio's first trig function calc. No precidence and six digit accuracy and half zeros like the Sharp you mention. A good calc for its time but I like my older Hp's more(though it may be as or more difficult to find since it doesn't/didn't have the value associated with HP's). The very first handheld belongs to Ti (four function that is, but I could be mistaken.

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