HP41 CCD-Module Matrix files


Dear HP41 Enthusiasts,

does anyone know an advanced and fast software solution to transfer CCD-Module Matrix files, stored in X-Memory to an IL-Mass Storage Unit ? But without using main memory !!!

Would it be possible to convert the Matrix file to an ASCII file and using SAVEAS / GETAS commands for transfer to IL Mass Storage Unit ?

Waiting for your solutions :-) With best regards from
Germany - Christoph Klug


Hi Christoph,

Doesn't Extended IL ROM contain suitable functions?

Best Regards from your neighbourhood,



There exist a program (published in PPC-CJ by ??? from Finland IIRC) that changes the type of XM files. Later there had been MCode functions arround for that. Currently no idea in which ROM.

BTW -- you got the BS Yacht Module running?



Dear Raymond, dear Mike,

changing XM file type by altering the file header register is easy possible with CCD-module commands PEEKB and POKEB.

But for creating a correct ASCII file format, also additional field distance bytes are needed, placed between the data bytes. Inserting this bytes in the correct order seems to be much more complex...

Up to now I only get wrong and uncomplete data, when reading them back from ILMass Storage Unit :-(

Yes the BC Module is running (Mike), but what about HC Module (raymond) ?

Best regards - Christoph


What is the "BS Yacht Module" used for?




Navigation purpose, at least theoretically. I used it on a vessel in rough weather and found the HP41 with it much too dangerous: one wrong entry and you may hit ground. At least that was my impression, so I stored the HP41 away and made my possition from landmarks in sight, w/o calculator.


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