HP-41 ebook (1979-2004, 25th Anniversary)


Link #1 to evaluation ebook

Link #2 to evaluation ebook

Edited: 20 Jan 2005, 6:29 p.m.


First link : pictures of barcodes, and book covers.

Second link : not working.

Any real text with that, sir?


If your web space for hosting the HP-41 ebook is small, why do not put the entire HP-41 ebook in Emule-Edonkey P2P networks? I´m sure many people will recognize in this way your hard work. Please supply a edonkey link for download the ebook.


It's a sample as asked before by some of yours.


Had a look at your ebook. Realy nice pictures, about the text I can not tell you, because there is nearly nothing in the "demo".
I have a software to convert .pdf files to .doc files. So I can easily delete the serial number and key. It does not make sence to put this in your ebook, or you have to iinclude it as a picture, not as a text (but also a picture is easy to edit).
By the way, if your ebook is not finished yet: Can I help you with some of my stuff (pictures, modules, ...)?



Strickly forbidden by copyright.
Key only works for printing.
I have enough pictures. Thanks.

Edited: 22 Jan 2005, 12:14 p.m. after one or more responses were posted


Removal of the password PDF protection : 5 secs

Share in P2P networks : 20 secs

Content value : nothing that cannot be found with google

So-called-writer ego : French fries


If you want to play with justice, ...
don't be kept! I paid for copyright. I had to.
And the law is the law, isn't it?
Nothing you cannot find with google?
Then search for instance BE-01-4K and show us what you found !
I'm waiting ..................................
5s for cracking a pdf file?
Next time you would show us if you were successful.
I don't think so. If you did it, you could be considered as dangerous for our society.
Fries are Belgian. We know that in France! It's not the case oversea...

Edited: 21 Jan 2005, 4:05 p.m.


Dear, could you please correct the second link? Up to now you will not sell a lot of books if it only contains pictures of barcodes and covers...
Just my two cents.


No Christian Name, HPstuff?
Which one? *.PDF or *.ZIP
I have yet 8 books reserved (French version) in 3 days ?!
It doesn't matter. Only 100 units will be sold or not.
On my website you can see a part of the iceberg.
Welcome on the ice pack (I use Linux).

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