$1300! I've got a nice bridge for sale


Has anyone checked out the "HP41 Collection" on ebay at the moment with an opening bid price of $1300.


At those sort of prices I could retire...

If anyone thinks this is a good deal, then may I also suggest that I can take deposits on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Now that the Olympics are over the structure is no longer needed and would be a good buy for an astute bidder.

Please be warned that shipping will be additional to the purchase price.


Well, this is my collection you're talking about....

Sure, USD 1300 is a lot of money, but take all elements individually, estimate how much it would sell taking into account the latest ebay prices, and look at the figure you get...

I have decided to sell it as a whole, but it seems to be unsuccessful up to now... So rendez-vous in 2 days to see it sold splitted up !

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