Copycat !


Have a look at this auction : . The seller thought easy to copy the picture out of one of my listings... I'd like to play a gentle trick on him : does anyone have a picture of a really really bad looking 41 ?


Yes, we need one that's in pieces! ;+}


Find a suitable "adult" image and indert a caption over it saying "press my buttons"



find a picture of bart simpson and the blackboard and change the writing to "I will not steal images".


Use a paint package to draw an HP41


Simply send him an email that says you charge $10 per day for authorised use of your images. For unauthorised use you charge triple this. Consequently you will be invoicing him for $210 for the use of the image, unless he pulls the auction early. In any case he already up for $30. If he can come to some arrangement, then he will only have to pay you $10 per day following the agreement. Tell him the fee is payable no matter what image he takes from you. Then update the image to say "Stolen from ..."


so i finally looked at the devils tool: e-bay. forget the 41's, how 'bout thoes dukes 'o hazard calcers!! betcha them little hunnies come with a manual. course yall gotta move yer lips when ya read it.


So the guy copied the image on antoher source and pointed this source.

I sent him an email, asking him at least to get my authorization to proceed so, but no responde up to now...

Here is his email. Feel free to tell him what you think about that... <>




May I suggest that if you cannot change the image yourself, you contact eBay's Safeharbor and explain to them that the seller is using an unauthorized image. I'm not always happy with Safeharbor, but they seem to be responsive to these kinds of complaints.




Let's wait and see their reaction...


Hello Thibaut, first of all congratulations for your wonderful HP-41 collection!

About the stolen image, you could take a look here and use one of these image of a "naked" 41:


feel free to use them if you want... it will be very difficult for the seller to persuade the bidder about the NIB conditions of the 41 :-)

Best Regards!

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