Vertical Curves Program


Hello All, I need the program that will calculate vertical curve alignments for roads for the HP 41CV. Is this still available??


the best v c program ever written for any calculator is the one in the hp survey pac. if you don't have it you can use someone elses and execute copy for it and all the subroutinesit uses, and pull it out. then change the exrom's to exq ____ comands everywhere that the program stops. if you need a program that will do unequal tangent v c 's send me your real world address and i'll look for a program someone at macay & somps wrote about 18 years ago and send you a photocopy. if you use d'zign software's slope stake program you can ask ted to give you the short program i gave him that does v c 's using his subroutines for that program. i dont have it any more.



I have the vertical curve program from the survey pac on a magnetic card or two. If you have a card reader I'll send them or a copy to you.
You do have a "working" card reader, don't you? If not I have a few of those also!

Best Regards,
Dave Huff, RPLS MS,TN
Brandon, MS
the "lostrabbit"


it may not be convenient, but if you can wait for snail mail, i could loan you my survey pac (ROM and manual). then you could copy the relevant programs from the ROM into your 41CV. alternatively, i could make a stab at copying them myself, and emailing you the text, lif, whatever file. i've had good success archiving my own programs through HP-IL onto a PC.

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