9821A calculator


Anyone interested? I own a HP 9821A calculator (like the 9820, but with built-in cassette drive). It includes a Mathematics ROM and operating manual. I just fired it up and ran one of the roof truss design programs I wrote in the mid 70's - and it works fine, printer and all! How would you suggest I sell this item? What's it worth? Any ideas?


You have two main venues for selling your calculator:

1. eBay

2. Classified ads on this forum (Note the link from the home page)

Estimating the worth of these old calcs is hard-- the market ebbs and flows, and individual models may experience sudden huge price spikes depending on demand. The older desktop calculators are less in demand among most collectors than some of the best handhelds like the 15C and 42S, but I've still seen some pretty high prices ($500 and up) for machines like yours over the past couple of years.

I'd be intested in yours, depending on cosmetic condition. Can you post some links to photos?

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