HHC2005 Announcement! 9/17-9/18 2005


Hello Everyone,

During the post HHC 2004 conference discussion on future conferences
a major point was made that people wanted to know ASAP when the next
conference will be.  I believe that this is the earliest we have made an

HHC 2005 Announcement

What: HHC 2005
When: September 17 and 18, 2005

Where: Training Facilities at Ace Metal Crafts, 10550 Anderson
Place, Franklin Park, IL 60131. This is just a few miles south
of O'hare International Airport.

Richard J. Nelson, CA - Conference Talks & Schedule,  rjnelson@aemf.org
Joseph K. Horn, CA  - Web Page,  JoeHorn@HolyJoe.Net
Paul Hubbert, IL - CHIP Organizer,. PaulnBren@comcast.net
Ron Johnson, IL - Registration,  rbj.jes@att.net
Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowic, UK - European Coordinator,  wlodekmj@yahoo.co.uk.
Jake Schwartz, NJ - Videographer,  jacob.g.schwartz@lmco.com
? Other(s) ?  an odd number is good

Price: The conference will be very low cost. (There's no cost for the meeting
place, and no meals are included.  All services are within two blocks, hotel,
restaurant, meeting facilities, etc.)
Payment only accepted on-site, in cash (US Dollars).

AV and Computer Equipment: The facility has a projection screen.
It is probable that an Infocus LP130 XGA resolution DLP projector
will be available for presentations. A computer will be available, but it
might NOT have Powerpoint or other software. So if you wish to give
a computer based presentation, you may wish to be self sufficient.  We
will be able to meet any AV requirements.

Nearby Hotel / Motels:
* Super 8 Motel at 3010 N Mannheim is about two blocks away, and
   is about $55 per night, with a shuttle to O'Hare.  847-288-0600.
* There are many other hotels and motels in the area, but a car may be necessary.

Other details to follow...

The CHIP Chapter is the host for the conference. They have been active since
the very earliest days and I am sure that they will share some of their history.

It might be nice to come up for a theme for people to be thinking about.  Do
you have any ideas?

Comments, ideas, suggestions, your commitment to attending are most
welcome.  Joseph will be setting up a web page and will announce when
it is operational.


Thanks Gene for passing the word. I plan to attend and give a talk about old and new root-seeking algorithms. It will be fun to see you and teh other ex-PPC folks and HHC attendees again!



Re: EUROPE 2005 STaK 20 year anniversary Announcement! 1-3rd, July 2005, Helsinki

The main event is held at HP Finland building about 10 miles to west from Helsinki.

The costs will be your Super-Apex Flight for the weekend, your chosen Hotel fee (for students I offer my apartment=flat with two free bedrooms for quest [with free internet access] and a separate toilet=wc for quest.

The local bus transfer costs 2€ in one direction and 3€ for longer transfer like the airport.

The food in McDonals is more expensive than you are used to - be aware!

The entrance fee is optional - pay what you think is fair.

Look at this Forum and the comp.sys.hp48 for durther information.




If anyone is interested in obtaining videos or DVDs from HHC2004 or an earlier conference, check http://www.pahhc.org/video.htm on the web.

Jake Schwartz

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