Free42 version 1.1 released


Hi all,

I just released version 1.1 of Free42.

The highlights of this version are: the ability to import and export programs to files (Emu42 compatible), and support for printing to GIF and to text files on PalmOS devices without VFS. And, of course, several other minor improvements and bug fixes.


- Thomas


Cool work Tom!! Thanks for the updates. Do you know of any websites that conatin .raw program files for the HP42s (this site has a few HP42s with downloadable RAW files)?

Many thanks for your much appreciated effort and work with the simulator!



Hi Namir!

You'll find a few binaries on my HP-42S website -

Best regards,

Erik Ehrling (Sweden)


Many thanks Erik!


I was very delighted to be able to load and run several RAW files for the HP41 on your HP42s emulator.

Very Cool!!!




Is anyone working on a realistic skin? Perhaps based on a scan of an actual 42S?


I'm not a big fan of "realistic" skins, myself, but then again Erik Ehrling's Emu42 skin for 1024x768 looks very nice. With realistic skins, I like it if they look just a bit artificial... Definitely no photographs, they just look weird on a computer desktop, IMHO.

I'm thinking of making a skin using a ray-tracer, but that won't happen today or tomorrow. :-)

Once I do the skin-changing code in Free42 (it's finally made it to the top of my to-do list!), I'll probably compile a realistic-but-artificial skin, plus a very plain one, into the executable. I like the default HP-48G faceplate for Emu48, which I think looks just like an unobtrusive calculator desk accessory should look.

But, heck, tastes differ. I'll definitely support 3rd-party skins. Maybe even Emu42 KML files, but I have to think about that a bit. Don't hold your breath just yet!

- Thomas


Thanks for you reply Thomas. You are right, tastes do differ, I kind of like the realistic skins, even the scanned faces.

In any event, you are doing a great job on Free42. Keep up the great work.


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