Skins for Emu42 and Emu48 for Pocket PC


To all users of emu42 and emu48, I have developed a few skins for use with emu42 and emu48 for Pocket PC.

For the sake of the following discussion, I’ll use the following definitions:

Portrait format – the skin is viewed and used with the pocket PC device held normally, i.e. with the long dimension vertical.

Landscape format – the skin is viewed and used with the pocket PC device held rotated 90 degrees clockwise from the normal orientation, i.e. with the long dimension horizontal, and the function buttons on left side.

My primary interest was in developing landscape formats to allow a larger display size. The skins are shown below:

Landscape 48G, with the numeric keys located on the right side of the keyboard:

Landscape 48G, with the numeric keys located on the left side of the keyboard:

Portrait 48G:

Landscape 42S:

Landscape 42S with extra function keys in rows four through seven. The “COMPLEX” function is assigned to one of these keys, and shortcuts to the “CONVERT”, “CUSTOM”, and “FCN” menus to the other three. Other functions and/or menus could be assigned to these keys:

Landscape 17BII, RPN keyboard:

The HP48 skins are based on and/or adaptations of skins I found at, principally ones by authors Calculon and Leopoldo Bueno Castillo. The look of the buttons and labels on the HP42S and17BII skins were also inspired by the graphics of those HP48 skins. As indicated above, all landscape versions were developed to enable a larger display size (zoom 2) than is possible with portrait orientation skins. All kml scripts use the “TOPBAR” command in the KML script to suppress the navigation bar at the top of the pocket PC screen.

If you would like the complete images and the associated KML scripts, just click

Many thanks to Dave Hicks for hosting the images and the archive with the kml scripts and bitmaps.

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I use a Jornada 720...Landscape on this large display would nearly be 1:1 size. Who wants to develop such a skin?


I also have a Jornada 720 (and I'm willing to sell it)

The EMU42S would nicely fit into the 620*240 color screen




Sorry, my Emu42PPC and Emu48PPC version isn't compatible with a Jornada 720. These emulators needs an ARM CPU and Pocket PC 2002 or Windows Mobile 2003 (SE) as operating system.

The next version of Emu42 will best fit on a Pocket PC with VGA resolution. ;-)

This picture

shows Emu42PPC v1.02beta04 running a HP42S with display Zoom factor 3 in VGA mode on a Dell Axim X50v.

Sorry for the poor quality, the background bitmap is a double sized 240x320 mode bitmap, and the display capture tool allows only 240x320 display downloads. On the original machine the HP42S display qualitiy is much better.



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