Omnibook CD Drive - Drivers?


I'm attempting to help fix a friends old Omnibook 800CT, and it was so clogged up with crap (spyware, viruses, diallers etc) that it seemed it would be best to start with a clean slate, so I backed everything important up and formatted the HD.

The Omnibook is quite small (and old) and doesn't have a built in CD Rom drive - but they do have a specific external one which plugs into a proprietary socket at the back. Now its not possible to boot from CD on this computer which didn't suprise me, so I made a boot floppy.

However, now the windows 98 (I also tried a ME boot disk) boot disk CD rom drivers do not see any cd drive being there. Oh dear. I cannot find anything on HPs website. Oh dear.

So, save trying to track down a big set of old (working) Windows 95 or 98 installation floppies - does anyone know how I might install windows from a CD when the windows boot disks don't see the Omnibook CD rom drive?



this site ( is not specialized on OmniBooks.

You'll find much more info about OBs on the following site:

That site has drivers and images for all real OmniBooks,

from the 300 up to the 800CT.

There exists a discussion forum with competent members,

which you can reach from the HP site.

Take a look at




Hi Mahooey.

This is not technically an HP forum, or rather it is a forum for HP calculators only.

Having said that, the cd drive on this computer is a SYMBIOS SCSI drive. You can try locating a SCSI-2 fast driver on the net. You may also need to update the BIOS.

Try this link for more info:

Good luck!

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