HP34C chip placement


(I'm kicking myself over this one)
I have a 34C which I opened up and (stupidly) didn't note the chip placement....so now I need a diagram or instructions to place the chips in the proper places and orientation (or try the (2^4) *3! possible combinations!
Could anybody supply the info for me?


There's a picture right here on the Museum, in the Technology and Packaging section under the 34C description page. It may not have enough detail to distinguish the chips from one another, although I think you can see the correct orientation. Perhaps someone with a 34C can give more details?

Anyway, the URL for the picture is: http://www.hpmuseum.org/30comp.jpg


Thanks, at least that will make it 16 times simpler!
I'm rather worried about the static sensitivity, so if I can do it in one try I'd like to.

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