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I have found several emulators for the HP42S, but each indicates that I need to aquire the ROM code. How does one go about this? I have an HP42S calculator, and would like to run it both in windows and on my palm, but I do not have a clue as to how one goes about dumping the ROM.


In the links area of the emulator section of this site

should be a link to Christoph Giesselink's page,


and there should be a description how to dump the ROM

in a quarter of an hour.


Paul - do not hesitate to attempt doing a ROM dump according to Christoph's instructions, you'll be amazed by how simple it is!



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Be aware that you need an HP48GX (I think a G+ will also work) to do the dumping. If you have one, dumping the rom is not too difficult (actually kind of fun), although piecing together all of the necessary steps takes a little study. If you need any tips, reply here or send an e-mail.

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You might also want to take a peek at Free42;
it does not require a ROM image, and it runs natively on PalmOS.


Seems I have to mention your Free42 on [link:http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/nutem/pioneer.htm]my site[/link:] as it is the first simulation I see so close to the original. But - not to downgrade your work - if your routines depend on machine specific characteristics and you do need to migrate to a new platform I would advice to use an emulator. Unless the advantages (speed, control, interfaces, and so on) outweight the need to test most routines on the new platform. That is everybody's own decission.


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