Another HP41 MLDL2000 Update


Hello all,

It looks like I have bankswitching working! I can sucessfully run the first matrix example of the Advantage ROM, which did not work before I implemented bankswitching. I would like to have some of your suggestions for more tests of the bankswitching mechanism using standard ROM (HEPAX is not supported yet).

There is now one little issue that is bothering me, and that is that the current consumption gets a little too high when I disconnect USB. I am currently trying to fix this with a small hardware modification.

When this is fixed I will prepare the units for the beta testers and quickly after that will start the process of formally offering the production versions of the MLDL2000!



Great news!


Hi Meindert, looks like you´re rounding off the few last rough edges of the design - not only remarkable but also another sign of a thorough job, many thanks.

Can´t wait to take the unit for a spin!



> and that is that the current consumption gets a little too high when I disconnect USB

How high? Is it high all the time (even when on but inactive), or only when it is being actively accessed?


We are talking a few milliamps when the HP41 is switched off. The problem is that there is leakage trough the USB interface chip from the I/O ports, so it is still running and supplying power to the CPLD (which it should do to power the MLDL from USB). My goal is only to power the SRAM and to switch everything else off to have a very low standby power. I have a solution that I am testing.

Overall power consumption is only a few milliamps extra when the HP41 is running and using the MLDL2000, but I need to do some more measurements.



By production, do you mean you will be selling them?
That's a great idea - any idea what you'll be asking for them yet? I sure would be interested in one...
Great work!

(delete pw is delete)


Outstanding! You have no idea how long I have waited (many years) to acquire a MLDL that works, let alone one as flexable and with such massive program storage. Don't forget to let me know when they are available.


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