49g+ comma in display


I recenty purchased an HP49g+. Is there any way to set the display so that a comma seperates the thousands, millions, etc.? (I'm not talking about the comma replacing the decimal point.) The comma seems to be included in other HP calculators, surely there is a way to set it on the 49g+.




try MODE then check _FM with F2. Although I looked this up with a 49g and not a 49g+ it should be the same.


So European Fraction Mark is noted (Checked): 12,38

As opposed to American Fraction Mark (Unchecked): 12.38


Hi, Eddie;

In Brazil we follow the European "comma" fraction mark with "dot" as thousands separators.

I remember reading (in HP manuals) that some European countries use comma as fraction mark. Is there any (e-)reference where one could read about this? I'm curious, now.


Luiz (Brazil)

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This page lists a short history of the "decimal mark" plus all the countries that use the decimal point as apposed to the comma:


I'd bet it gets confusing in Canada, since both formats are used in that country.



Sorry, I read your question too fast. To get a comma as thousand seperator press MODE then set NUMBER FORMAT to FIX.

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