Help! I am getting scammed


I have recieved several of those generic bot generated emails offering to buy my "item" after I posted an ad on the museum classifieds. Some of these are obviously scams but there is one I can not tell either way. I do not understand how this scam works. Can I still be scammed if I insist on a US Postal Service money order sent to my PO Box? Here is a copy of the latest email I have gotten. I really think it is a scam since he hasn't insisted on pictures, makes the characteristic spelling mistakes, and seems to be in quite a hurry. However, I do not remember ever telling him I was selling a "calculator". All he should know from his bot is that I am selling an "HP-48GX". Maybe he just does his homework.

DEAR i told you before that i am very much intrested in your calculator, and i kneed it urgently.

You said the you will like to collect $300, and you prefer money order.

That is ok by me. All i want from you is your adress and phone number so that my client will issue you the money order check that will cover both the price and the shipment.

Do that without delay.


Dico Chuks


I have had many honest buyers that were in a hurry to get the item. That alone is no indicator. My overseas buyers have been quite literate and honest and a pleasure to deal with.

You may be asking for a US Postal Money Order, but the buyer is only noting Money Order. Big difference. If it is an overseas address, be wary. Be wary of identity theft and of monetary scams.

If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Delete with 123.


You make some good points. If I don't give them my name, can't they still issue the money order? Is identity theft still possible with only a PO Box?

delete ABC


There is also a problem with bogus money orders and bogus cashier's checks. Some what to my surprise, my credit union tells me the problem is more likley to occur with cashier's checks than with money orders.

It's a pretty safe bet that if they offer a cashier's check for an amount well over the asking price and expecting you to refund the difference that it's a bogus cashier's check. The idea is they get your refund and evaporate before the check bounces.


I would love to see someone accept the check then contact the bank or firm the check is drawn on, fax them the bogus check (maybe send to them for proof of fraud). Then contact the buyer and say you haven't recieve the check, but would wait until they got their refund from their MO, bank check, whatever and could send you another after stopping in and getting their funds back. It is a check after all, they should have a reciept.

The bank or firm on which the funds are drawn will be (or should be) waiting for them to claim their $5-10 check (who knows, they may be dumb enough to get it, thinking, what the hell, the check might really be lost and they probably make a couple of trips to that bank every week anyway). It is in the banks or MO firms best interest to reduce this type of fraud and perhaps they may do it ( I know, it isn't likely).

At the very least they will have an afternoon of hassle, alas probably nothing more.

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