Source for plastic battery holders


I'm a newbie here, so sorry if this has been covered but I haven't been able to find it. Anyone know of a source, either NOS or reproduction of the battery holders for Woodstock pocket calculators such as the 21? Trying to either get my old college calculator fired up again or sell it.

Thanks in advance for any tips.



In my experience, no such easy sources for woodstock battery packs exist. You might try placing a wanted to buy ad in the MoHPC classified section. They occasionally show up on eBay, but the prices aren't necessarily low. Sometimes it's cheaper to buy a common woodstock (such as the HP-22) to get a pack you can rebuild. Search the Forum for threads about rebuilding the packs if you find one.

Sorry for the discouraging words, perhaps others will have better advice.

Good luck.


I was afraid of that. Probably like others, I set the calculator aside instead of continuing to pay what seemed like a lot of money in the 1970s for replacement packs from HP. As I remember they didn't last very long and would leak. To keep it from damaging the terminals I removed it and tossed it, plastics and all. Didn't think in those days about HP discontinuing support, but understand it doesn't make sense for anyone to do a reproduction for such low demand product. I will watch Ebay and the Forum Classifieds. For some reason I really like the 21 and want to start using it again.

Thanks a lot for the response Jeff.




I have an extra Woodstock battery holder from my old Woodstocks. I'll send it out. What's your address? I'll send it to you.




Wow, what a great offer...... Can't thank you enough. I know you didn't ask for anything in return, but can you use a spare Spice charger I have in exchange?

And is there a way I could email my physical address to you rather than posting it here? My email is , removing of course the NOSPAM.

Trying to cut down on all the "offshore offers" I am receiving since posting in this forum.

Thanks again! Can't wait to build up the battery pack with new cells. My model 21 will be warmed up for the first time in a very long time.


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