Any Inside Photos of HP 12C Platinum


I'd love to see photos of the innards of the 12C Platinum. Are any available? Thanks.



I know that one guy that contributes here has once posted some photos of an HP12C Platinum beta unit, both external view and "inner guts", but I do not have the images. I own an HP12C Platinum and I'm about to "have a look inside". If the contributor does not post it (maybe he doesn't have the photos any longer), I'll try to do that.

Gimme a couple of days...


Luiz (Brazil)


It was me, but I think they are gone.

I can always take more, but may not have the chance to do so soon.

Gene :-)


Hi, Gene;

thank you to remind me... I was almost sure it was you, but I was affraid giving the wrong credits.

BTW, I wrote an interface for the HP48/49 (User RPL) that emulates almost all of the functionalities found in the HP12C when dealing with cash flow analisys, I mean, data input and edition. I borrowed someone else's computation for IRR and NPV to test the interface, so I cannot disclose it publicly. Anyway, I'd like sending you a copy of it so you can tell me what do you think of the interface itself. I'll write my own IRR and NPV routines soon, but having your opinion and necessary suggestions would surely help improving it.

I have lost almost all of my contacts e-addresses, and I cannot find yours, too. So, if you can send me an e-mail tellin me if you'd like to test it, I'd send you a copy of it. I searched hpcalc dot org and found some advanced libraries, but have not found such HP12C-based interface.

If so, please send an e-mail to:

lcviera at quantica dot com dot br (I guess you still have it, right?)

I'd also add some news related to that contact with HP, A.G., remember?

Best regards, Gene. Please, feel free deleting this message after reading: the password is my midname, all lowercase, no accented letters.


Luiz (Brazil)


Here are the photos that Gene posted previously (front, back and inside).

(Images available until end of January 05)

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