Can someone help me with today's Dilbert?


I don't "get" the final line in
today's Dilbert strip. Is it something that should be obvious?


57 is the part number of a HP inkjet cartridge. Note that the man is a printer cartridge salesman.


I appreciate that.


Know I understand the meaning, but is it funny?


Humour is much more subjective than the value of an old HP!

I think both the salesman's responses are supposed to be sarcastic. The "receptionist" earnestly introduces herself and then sarcastically dismisses his comment about being the CEO by suggesting that *he* must be Carly. He attempts a weak riposte--lamely misidentifying her as a printer cartridge--and he ultimately loses the exchange.

I'd rate it as a smirk. I guess it depends on your view of the stereotypical receptionist and toner salesman.


PS: Happy New Year to all.


Hi Cameron, all;

should it reffer to some weird situation involving Carly, mainly her being missidentified or misidentifying someone/something else? I don't follow economics backstages, maybe someone here does...

Just a guess.

Luiz (Brazil)

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