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I have an HP 41c (with quad memory module) that has an unreliable keyboard. Been fixed several times, but never permanently and so I have basically given up. Can anyone tell me what current new HP calculator would be the best equivalent? HP sales indicated the Graphing line (either the 48gll or 49g+), but the 33s Scientific looks attractive.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. And if I do purchase a new model, I would be happy to discuss selling my 41c, albeit non-reliable at this time.

Thank you,


If you don't need trig functions, I would also suggest you look at an Hp17Bii (actually the older ones are still easy to find and not all that expensive). It will have a quality keyboard, 7K RAM, a nice solver (You give up programming, but the solver is actually easier to use). And you keep the enter key in the old location. Form factor is better than the newer Hp33s (even the new Hp17Bii+, which has 32K of real usuable RAM, but enter key is moved and all newer keyboards are quality suspect, though may still be acceptable).

If you DO need trig, you could consider an Hp19Bii which is a bi-fold device with similiar specs and behavior to the Hp17Bii. But you could also buy a used Hp28s or 48G. Both are about $50 via ebay (same price as a new Hp33s). Both are better than an Hp33s for power, but both are graphics and bigger in size as well (though the HP28s probably isn't much bigger).

For power, the Hp48GII/Hp49G+ series blows the poor Hp33s out of the water. The Hp33s specs measure up close to the Hp41c for features. The Hp33s is basically an Hp32sii with extra RAM and a redesigned keyboard. You can find some comparisions with that in mind. The Hp41c is of course a much more versatile instrument than an Hp33s, but for number crunching, you might be very well served with the Hp33s. Similiar programming in RPN, plus you would also get an algebraic solver. You would be hampered by a 26 variable limit with no way around for program usuage ie, while you do gete 32K ram, you get no way to use more than 3-4 K in reality. All I/O is done through your fingers and the LCD.

But it is the best available retail for an RPN scientific (basically the only thing available).

The Graphics calculators are actually RPL and have no 4 line limit of the RPN programmables.

You would probably like the older Hp17Bii best if you don't need trig, if you do need trig, you are best off with the Hp33s. If you want a powerful new calculator, the Hp48/49 series is great, but lots of new things to learn.


I guess the best thing for you would be a HP-49G+ with Hrastprogrammer's HP-41 emulator on it ("http://www.geocities.com/hrastprogrammer/").

Best regards,
Erik Ehrling (Sweden)


Warning: the 49G is much better than the new plus in emulating a full-blown 41CX system



And, the original 49G is only $50 used (in the US). A very good deal. (If you are from Europe, you can get one for even less---as the US dollar is quickly becoming a third world currency...)

BTW, although the rubber buttons of the 49g are slower to type on than the 48 series, I have found them reliable. Just get used to the "Garbage collection", or put a forced garbage collection routine on. They are not cheap mushy buttons--there is a click.




I think that someone who worked several years with a hp-41, will forever work with such a model. All other models will seem unperfect for a 41 user. You should try to buy an other 41c on ebay, it won't be much expensive that a new 33s. Or maybe a 42s.

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