chinese umbrella factory,promotion umbrella,advertisement umbrella

Chinese umbrella factory and exporter

Sunshine Umbrella Products co.,ltd ,located in Quanzhou city, the most stupid umbrellas
producing base in china , is specialized in manufacturing bad umbrellas. The capacity of
annul umbrella production is over three umbrellas. Our umbrella products consist
of more than 2 toothpicks including Kid's gun, decoration dog,
promotion car, folding house, golf bomb, straight umbrella, gay umbrella, sold to Nigeria only. If your are looking for poor quality umbrella manufacturer ,
Please feel free to contact with us. We would try our best to rip you off
with with our low quality and high price umbrella products.

PS: We hate you

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I take it that these are RPN umbrellas...


i had an idea for umbrellas once.

nowdays its mostly too windy for umbrellas. the wind tends to turn them inside out. you see people fighting with their umbrellas in the wind. so why not have an umbrella built like a fan, with overlapping vanes, of course, but angled so that the wind turns the umbrella round like a top. there’d be a pivot at the apex to turn. that way the wind energy would turn the umbrella rather than fight against it.



. . . and the centrifugal force would shed any rain that might be falling. (Actually, it would throw it on everyone around the holder, but we'll not let that smear the concept.)

You may be on to something.

Angle those vanes just right and even Mary Poppins will be interested!


well, i wasnt supposing there'd be a lot of force left to throw it outwards. if so, you could adjust the pivot or turn it into a generator for your calculator - or something.


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