Hi all,
I found a 9805A, Serial#1304A00151. Is that calculator worht something ?
Thank you


No, it's not worth a penny, but I have a friend in Germany, and I'm sure I can ask him to help free you from the burden of having it occupy too much space in your home :-)

Seriously, the 9805 is listed as "extremely difficult" to obtain here at the MoHPC Web site, so I am sure there are a few collectors out there who're willing to pay more than a pretty penny for it!



I found that pricelist now also...AND I allready was in contact with someone who was interested. let's see what happens
thanx anyway


victor; did you ever get the idea that your subtle yet piquant humor was not being appreciated to it's fullest level?


I'm the first to admit that my humor isn't great (hey, I'm just a programmer, not a presidential candidate or something), although I fail to see what was 'piquant' about it. But at least I was talking about the subject at hand, namely the value of an HP-9805A, not about other contributors' style. I'd like to respectfully request that you do the same and not turn this site into another Usenet newsgroup. If you wish to continue with a personal attack (it MUST be that election season in the US!) please use my e-mail: vttoth @ vttoth.com.



I like your sense of humor. Maybe it's because we both grew up in middle Europe :-)


I fully agree with Reinhard (maybe for the same reason).


Hey, guys, thanks for the support! Yes, I agree, it must be that Middle Europe thing... one had to have a sense of humor to endure there. Then again, the fact that I left when I had the chance might indicate that my sense of humor is indeed underdeveloped... :-(



Seems that your intelligence is much higher than ours, just because you left Europe :-)


Not sure if it's a matter of intelligence or sheer cowardice... I just ran away :-)



piquant = spicy. that alone or combined with "subtle" in refrence to a sense of humor is almost always a compliment. i'd stake my reputation as a former pretend-english teacher on that. it's too bad that words arent as exact as numbers. i think i'll stick to arithmatic, i can usually do that.



OK, I'll assume then that you paid my sense of humor a compliment (probably undeserved, I admit) and take everything back :-)


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