MLDL2000 Update


Hello all,

Some good news at the end of the year: The proto's of the MLDL2000 are now fully working, with only a few minor features to be tested. The most difficult part, being able to program SRAM and FLASH through USB, is now working great.

I will now finish some further testing and will be able to supply the protos to the first beta testers before the end of January.

Wishing all of you a good 2005 and please do not forget the victims of the tsunamis in Asia

Meindert Kuipers


Many of us are looking forward to this!

Keep us all in the loop!


The new year looks very promising with my new CPU & mobo



Great! They are working well? When did they arrive? :-)




As a lurker on this board, I have been very interested in this - you have earned a great amount of respect from all the geeks that come here!
Congratulations, and let us know how it goes!

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