HP41C vs HP67/97 mag cards


Are HP67/97 pre-programmed magnetic cards compatible with the HP41 and its plug-in card reader? Are there separate program cards for the 41 series?
Thank you


Hi, Robert;

I use the same magnetic cards for both HP41 and HP97. Some of the main issues about this "sharing" are:

cards with data written in an HP67/97 can be read by an HP41 w. card reader; the opposite is not true;

same applied to programs;

cards with pre-written programs for the HP67/97 can be read by an HP41 w. card reader, but there are some small "adjustments" to be made (please, read below);

cards written in an HP67/97 can be verified by an HP41 w. card reader (VER function).

The HP82104A Card Reader User's Manual (or Owner's Guide, I have none in hands) has an specific chapter that deals with these details. There is also a complete chapter (or appendix) that describes all changes and/or specific usage procedures that must be performed when using pre-written cards from the HP67/97 program packs.

I actually mark the cards in such a way I can identify what calculator actually wrote it. As a matter of fact, cards with data written by an HP41 w. card reader can be overwritten by an HP67/97 at any moment. The opposite is true.

And a 'last minute' warnning: the HP41 allows overwritting "protected" (clipped) cards (flag 14); I don't know a way to overwrite protected (clipped) cards in an HP67/97.

Hope this helps.

Luiz (Brazil)

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Hi Luiz,

Nice explanation and timing. You hit on some things I missed. If I hadn't tried to find my card reader manual we could have had a tie on responding.

Hope you're having a great holiday.


Hey, Richard; thanks for your words!

You see, sometimes I lack some knowledge, others it seems that they are "on the edge". I was lucky enough pressing [ENTER] a few minutes before you. And you menitoned an important aspect: the equivalent 67/97 functions only exist in the HP41 as long as the reader is attached. Also, we both did not mention the backwards 67/97 relative jumping that can be accomplished with [GTO][I] or [GSB][I] when [I] register contents is a negative number; it does not exist in the HP41.

The main issue is that we all share the same enthusiasm and a sort of a "need to make things work" around here, right? I'm glad guys like you can see that. Thanks!

About holiday time, if I tell you that except for a five-day lasting in'flu'enza, I'm working the s... out of me so I can organize my home, my own working place and get ready for the new subjects I'm gonna teach next year, mainly AI (the basics) and Operational Research. And I have till February 1st to accomplish all of that. I can do that, just cannot miss the timing.

Forgot to add: hope you are, too, having good moments in these holidays.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

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The 41C card reader has the 67/97 specific commands built-in. It will read the 67/97 cards and when run on the 41C, it will run as if they were on the 67/97 pulling the 67/97 specific commands from the card reader. The 41C, however, will not translate the programs from the 67/97 to the 41C. The blank cards themselves can be used with either machine. All 67/97 specific commands will have a 7 preceding the function. An example of a 67/97 specific command that will display on the 41C; 7CLREG would be the [f] CL REG on the 67/97. Although the print is small, the 41C card reader manual has a section on the 67/97 commands and a chart that shows how the different commands from the 67/97 will look in the 41C display.

I hope this helps.

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