CMT-300 and CMT-200


Can anyone give me an idea what all these can be used for? I have just purchased both of these with manuals.

CMT-300 Programmable Measurement System,
CMT-200 Data Acquisition and Control System

I haven't received them yet but I was looking for a heads up on how useful they are. These are the first I have ever seen. I have tried searching the internet but very little shows up.

Best I can tell the 300 is for an analog to digital type function (i.e. DVM) while the 200 is for data logging. Is that about it or is there more to these?

Do they require any other HP 41 Modules to be useful?


Edited: 31 Dec 2004, 8:00 a.m.



AFAIK they require at least the HP-IL module and maybe the TIME module to be useful;-)


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