Special Functions Library Available


I have completed the Special Function Library 817 (12/04 edition) featuring these functions:
* Base conversions, continued fractions, rectangular to polar conversions regardless of coordinate settings, digital root (adding each digit of a number until the result is a single digit)
* Bernouli numbers, Fibinacci (sp?) Numbers, Sine, Cosine, Exponential, and Logarithmic integrals, Zeta, Beta, and some Bessel Functions
* Programs that allow you to map any function to a list, put text on the graph screen
* Percent Change Solver, Cost of Goods Sold Solver
* Finance: net present value, net future value, net utility stream, depreciation
* and more.

Please send me an email if you are interested. Size is approx. 15.1 KB.


As subject indicates;-)

I assume it's for the HP-48 or its drop-offs.



Everything was done on the HP49G+. I could send separate program files, since all the programming was done in userRPL. Some however, will need modification, i.e. the DERXN function (which uses the 49's DERVX function).


I could use it.

Why not also upload it to the www.hpcalc.org


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